Big Data & Cloud Solutions

Data Modernization & Big Data

At Kuwa, our team of experienced consultants will guide your organization and identify the key business imperatives that drive action and map out initiatives required from data platforms to achieve them.

Our Approach: Our team brings a strategic perspective to our clients’ most complex and pressing challenges. We partner with them to build data strategies and roadmaps to achieve their specific goals. This includes business models and approaches, suppliers, management and customers. We recommend both the personnel and analytical approaches to drive fact- based, decision-making culture - all centered around data. With an eye on data governance, security and organizational models, our team delivers exceptional value while preserving brand reputation and meeting compliance requirements.

Empower your enterprise: In the era of Big Data, designing a flexible data architecture that scales with business is imperative. We build robust, scalable big data architectures both on-premises and in the clouds and create roadmaps to modernize the technology platform that powers your data. We will help you redesign your data ecosystem to enable the seamless flow, management and consumption of fast-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data. Kuwa will help you turn your data into your most valuable asset.

Driving Results: Our cloud-based data modernization approach provides a highly accessible, useful and compliant platform that delivers cost saving and powers the analytics to enhance personalization and optimize forecasting. We pair our deep industry knowledge with a unique machine-driven approach to unleash the transformative value of data. Kuwa’s experts are able to mobilize quickly to realize our clients’ data modernization vision.
Typical result include*:

  • A deployed platform within one month
  • ROI in six months
  • 30%-40% decrease in data storage
  • 4x faster transition
  • 30 - 60% faster time to market

Our data modernization solution pinpoints bottlenecks in supply chains and helps improve product assortment, pricing, forecasting and marketing channels, driving cost down and revenue up. New business models monetize data and generate direct revenues from data sets, insights and analytics-based services and a resilient data infrastructure and process capabilities enhance customer service and sales.