Cyber Security

Maintaining a robust security posture to combat emerging threats is essential to an organization’s growth and sustainability. As innovation evolves, so does an organization’s threat and cyber risks. To help mitigate such risks, our security analysts employ preventive cyber security measures and work with stakeholders to develop tailored, strategic solutions to maintain data privacy and avoid breach.

Kuwa ensures that our client’s data and critical infrastructure is hardened to manage cyber resilience, with confidence with a measure of delivery excellence. Our industry experts have know-how in identifying, mitigating and remediating complex and sophisticated data breaches, in commercial organizations and public sector agencies.

Data privacy and information security are the life-line of an organization’s sustainability in the digital world, which has increased visibility on the need for hardened security measures to preserve valuable assets and decrease the ability to compromise business critical data. A successful data breach has the aptitude to ruin a firm’s reputation and credibility, or worse leads to bankruptcy and loss of business.

We understand the inevitability and importance of building a inclusive security approach to preventing cyber-crimes and our analysts have and continue to deliver excellence during the security implementation life-cycle.

As Cybersecurity and Information assurance continue to evolve, in collaboration with clients, our analyst strive to deploy stringent policies to assess risk, investigate vulnerabilities, perform internal and external penetration testing and display a commitment to enhance our client’s data integrity challenges. It is with this degree of measure that we deliver excellence in the following domains:

  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Develop Enterprise security plan
  • Policy and plan development
  • Security architecture design and plan
  • Architectural and Engineering design
  • Operations management
  • Insider threat assessment
  • Information Assurance and certification and accreditation assurance