Odoo Offering

What We do

“We enable clients in setting strategic operations, refine business process objectives, set ROI targets and provide value added competitive advantage.”

Why Odoo

More than half of all proprietary ERP implementations fail and only an estimated 18% of industry SME's have the experience and knowledge of deploying an integrated management software platform. This is due primarily to the complexity and associated high costs of CRM ERP application implementations. In partnership with Kuwa Consulting Group, Odoo offers a revolutionary product in the ERP market as it offers clients:
  • With an innovative relatively inexpensive integrated technology that allows business to thrive
  • A highly functional and customizable product to address our client’s most dire needs
  • An extremely user friendly UX/UI design
  • Advanced, technically state-of-the-art and extendable architecture
  • A growing user base across the globe with 4 million active users and counting
  • Applications that can be easily deployed on premise or on any cloud-based platform
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Kuwa Odoo Partnership

“Our partnership with Odoo, an open source CRM system with a series of highly integrated, innovative web-based ERP applications was made possible due to our shared client centric delivery approach.”.