Bringing new medical devices on the market is a long process which requires a structured and industry specific approach precision during the product life cycle from the inception to demonstration new technology value provision in a very competitive and complex environment. Cutting-edge technology has created a platform for healthcare solutions to become more connected, patient centric with a delivery strategy that proves cost efficient to both providers and patients. Having a clear understanding of each step or requirement in the process is critical for organization to gain market access and successfully implement product commercialization. Kuwa Consulting Group SMEs provide guidance and support to MedTech companies (startups - global corporations) in the deployment of the modern medical technology by performing:

  • Technological Audit to assess the maturity of/need for a product
  • Market Research and Product Benchmark
  • Business Strategy, Modeling and Development
  • Development of data driven platform/solution in a Life Sciences setup
  • Implementation of EMR, Health SaaS, Single Sign-On Access Management solutions