Odoo Version 13

New Odoo 13 features

Here are some of the key benefits and newest features of Odoo 13

5x faster than Odoo 12

The Odoo 13 code has been updated to optimize execution run times and can seamlessly integrate with internal and external systems in real-time.

Enhanced Mobile Usability

Mobile usability has been further enhanced to keep up with businesses on the go! In addition, support has been added for scanning barcodes using the camera and push notifications.

Improved UI & UX

Odoo 13 is an enhanced user-friendly release with redesigned tools and improved navigation to access various applications.

New Odoo 13 Key Apps

Here are the key new apps available in Odoo 13

Social Media Marketing

Odoo 13 expands upon the suite of current marketing tools with a new Social Media Marketing management app. This app allows users to send and schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social platforms. In addition, it allows users to set up and track digital marketing campaigns and monitor feeds (Facebook and Twitter) all without leaving Odoo!
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Remote Workforce Management

Odoo’s Remote Workforce Management application provides the capacity for organizations and academic institutions to seamlessly implement a work from home solution within their institutions. Enhanced module capabilities allow users to account for remote attendance monitoring, task tracking, restrict access by IP address, access daily and weekly task status reporting and analytics to guide the decision making for managers and organization thought leaders. Our proven Remote Workforce Management modules are essential in today’s workplace with features designed to strengthen your organization’s industry competitive advantage.
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SMS Marketing

The SMS Marketing app allows users to create, send and track SMS messages as part of a broad digital marketing campaign or automatically via a trigger from other apps. In addition, just like the Social Media app, the SMS Marketing app provides advanced tracking functionality, allowing you to keep tabs on your campaign and its success.
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Learning Management System

This eLearning app provides inbuilt functionality for quizzes, analytics, forums and student profiles, allowing close monitoring of completion, retention, and time to complete courses. In addition, the eLearning system provides compatibility with the eCommerce app, allowing you to sell your courses online and allow immediate access to students.
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