Private Equity

Due Diligence & Private Equity Advisory

In recent years, private equity firms, portfolio companies and investment funds are under pressure to deploy vast amounts of capital amid unprecedented economic and geopolitical uncertainty, increased competition and rising stakeholder expectations. Emerging markets present unique opportunities to achieve a lot of growth and income objectives that are sum up investors’ priorities. From Growth strategy to acquisition and partnership due diligence, to post-merger integration, our firm is uniquely positioned to support clients in Emerging Markets where our consultants have over a decade of deals experience.
Our expertise includes:

Portfolio and Sector Strategy: We help private equity firms and conglomerates develop a tailored strategy for sustained excellence, deepen their focus on specific sectors, and enhance their ability to differentiate themselves as a means to best serve institutional investor needs.

Due diligence: Investment firms that raise funds through limited partnerships face enormous pressure to identify and execute deals within intense time constraints. We use a combination of hands-on expertise in the industries and geographies we have covered and meticulous screening tools to appraise the potential for a target company to be a fitting and value-adding partner in our client’s portfolio. This includes not only revenue growth and cost reduction projections, but also synergy identification, value capture within specific value chains, and risk mitigation strategies.

Value capture and operational excellence: Our Value-realization team is composed of private equity performance improvement professionals with deep operating and functional expertise. Using insights from our operational due diligence and performance analysis, we identify drivers of our client’s portfolio performance, develop and implement value capture plans to drive EBITDA improvement, revenue growth and capitalize on cost reduction opportunities.

Exit planning: Our approach is predicated on the premise that sustainable business growth and healthy returns to investors are at the heart of private equity investing. Therefore, our value-realizing investment management approach combines maximization of profitable growth while preparing for exit by identifying the optimal exit strategy, preparing for sale to suitable buyers and prequalifying buyers.