Product Development

In the absence of an application development and integration strategy to anticipate customer needs and enhance application optimization, organizations typically find it very challenging to maintain their comparative advantage and become a major industry actor. With that in mind, Kuwa Consulting Group engineers offer technology and consulting expertise throughout the project engagement lifecycle. We conduct data modeling, provide data warehousing/data mining, and Integration development expertise to support our client’s business and technical requirements.

To efficiently create and improve regulated products our engineers employ end to end product requirement traceability, process standardization, provide visibility and promote collaboration between engineering activities and our client’s business priorities. At KUWA, our engineers are industry experts with experience developing in various programming languages and technologies:
  • DialogFlow
  • AngularJS. Angular 2/4/6
  • NodeJS
  • Wireframe development and delivery
  • Document Prototyping and delivery
  • Java, with J2EE, jQuery, and popular libraries of reusable code
  • .NET and ASP.NET Visual Basic and Microsoft-based solutions
  • ColdFusion, a J2EE web technology by Adobe, for rapid database web applications
  • PHP, Linux, Joomla and Drupal for web development and content management
  • Premier
  • Tomcat/Apache
  • Pentaho
  • Flutter and Native React
  • REST APIs and Webservices
  • Informatica
  • SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle and Mango databases to support application data structure.
  • XML, SOAP, Action script, Python, and APIs to support real-time data exchange across systems.
  • Classic ASP, Delphi, COBOL and Fortran for legacy applications
  • iOS, Android, and BlackBerry development for mobile solutions