Prospective Analysis

Kuwa Consulting Group’s strategy and advisory analysts are actively engaging clients and academia in discussions pertinent to forecasting a firm’s future; the final stage of financial analysis approach by incorporating the fundamental techniques of financial statements and valuations both of which accommodates insights from business analysts, accounting analysts and financial analysts when projecting a firm’s future.

Prospective Analysis involves the forecasting and valuation of a firm’s future. Our analyst can help your organization with a comprehensive forecast of future performance inclusive of the following considerations:

  • Earnings Forecast
  • Cash Flow Forecast
  • Developing a Sales Growth Forecast
  • Balance sheet
  • Developing a net operating profit after tax (NOPAT) Margin Forecast
  • Developing a Working Capital to Sales Forecast
  • Developing a Long-Term Assets to Sales Forecast
  • Developing a Capital Structure Forecast
Our experienced strategy and advisory analysts employ these considerations to forecasting and account for a firm’s sales growth behavior, their earnings behavior and their return on equity (ROE) behavior when evaluating their financial and growth strategy.