Supply Chain

At Kuwa Consulting Group, we take pride in our ability to deliver solutions that help our clients create blueprints aligning suppliers and sourcing partners with business strategy to achieve strategic objectives. and maximize on opportunities by providing a platform for generating critical insights, optimizing business processes, and automating supply chain activities across your value chain.
Our solutions span 5 main areas:

Demand planning: as the first master task of the supply chain management process, demand planning is crucial to a proper deployment of a firm’s resources. Our consultants understand this not just at a theoretical level but have decades of experience covering a wide array of sectors. We can effectively deploy forecasting models that minimize human errors and maximize the return on investment.

Sourcing and procurement: whether you are in the security space, life sciences and pharma, consumer goods, telecommunications, or aerospace and defense, our team can help your organization cost-effectively meet your demand with reliable yet nimble contracting and procurement solutions.

Inventory management: Thanks to our proprietary and easily integrated an inventory- setting methods and tool, we can effectively reduce inventory-related inefficiencies through forecasting as well as optimize inventory levels for non-forecastable items such as weapons.

Logistics and distribution: Having advised executives and mid-level managers at Fortune 500 and midsize organizations alike under normal operating circumstances and recently during the supply chain disruptions due to the COVID19 pandemic, our team is very well versed in B2B and B2C delivery systems, seamlessly incorporating internal and external factors, with state of the art monitoring and communications solutions.

Secured supply chain management: In the Aerospace and Defense space, cyber threats, regulatory, geopolitical shifts, and economic constraints continue to drive up risk complexity. With our secure supply chain solutions, we help organizations illuminate their supplier networks. This allows clients to design and maintain a resilient supply chain system with the visibility and tools necessary to quickly and effectively respond to today’s dynamic world.

These supply chain solutions can help you capture significant bottom-line benefits, reduce risk and proactively manage threats to your value chain, as well as your strategic position in the industry.